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At Steelcon Group we are focused on leveraging the steel fabrication capacities and efficiencies of our offshore facilities towards supplying high quality structural steel projects across the Australian and Pacific construction market. From design, shop detailing, supply to site, site management and installation works. Our products, systems, processes and documentation meet all Australian Standards and project expectations.

We utilise unique supply chain relationships to allow the fabrication of Australian grade structural steel sections to be combined with the efficiency of offshore manufacturing costs and processes. Our business model is to supply experienced, developers, construction companies or proven and reliable structural steel rigging and erection companies with the ongoing structural steel design, detailing, fabrication and supply capabilities. As required, we will provide an end to end structural steel design, supply and installation service.

Our commitment is to provide an industry leading quality-based product and supply service within a market competitive cost structure.

This is achieved through focusing on the design, detailing and supply processes, maintaining best practice quality management and traceability systems and utilizing the fabrication cost efficiencies provided by our fabrication facilities in Thailand.

Our ethos is ‘people make projects happen’. The strength of our business is not just our offshore competitive advantage, but understanding relationships are what allow projects to succeed. Above all, long term relationships with our clients is ultimate goal of our business.

Meet Our Team

Our drafting and detailing team utilises Tekla Structures for all shop detailing works.
We provide 3D bimsite and Revit model integration to significantly enhance our client’s coordination with other trades and delivery to their client.

James EllisDesign Detailing Director
17 years Structural Steel Detailing
17 years Tekla Structures Experience

Project experience includes;
• More London Plot 7, London UK – 5,000 ton
• Stratford City, London 2012 Olympics, UK – 40,000 ton
• 2012 Olympic Media Centre, London UK – 5,000 ton
• Westfield Shopping Centre, London UK – 25,000 ton
• Bullring, Birmingham UK – 13,800 ton
• Shard of Glass, London UK – 12,500 ton
• Project Pluto (LNG Plant), Perth Australia – 8,600 ton
• Leightons – Ichthys LNG – Build 1, Darwin Australia – 1,400 ton
• Leightons – Ichthys LNG – TMP 1, Darwin Australia – 130 ton
• Terminal 5, Heathrow, UK – 43,000 ton
• Rolls Royce, Derby UK – 2,150 ton
• Client for completion of the structural steel erection works.

Simon AmblerDesign Detailing Director
22 years structural steel detailing experience
21 years Tekla structures experience

Project Experience includes;
• The Shard of Glass Tower, London UK – 12,500T
• Terminal 5 Heathrow, London UK – 43,000T
• Stratford City, London 2012 Olympics, UK – 40,000T
• Westfield Shopping Centre, London UK – 25,000T
• Project Pluto (LNG Plant), Perth Australia – 8,600T
• Paris Philharmonic, Paris France – 3,5000T
• More London, London UK – 5,200T
• Kranji racecourse, Singapore – 5,000T

Mick OrmrodSnr Design Draftsman
18 years of structural steel detailing experience all using Tekla Structures software

Project Experience includes;
• Shard of Glass, London UK – 12,500t
• Heron Tower, London UK – 12,000t
• St Georges Park, Burton UK – 3,000t
• Liverpool Exhibition Centre, UK – 2,000t
• Derby Velodrome & Multi Sports Arena, UK – 700t
• T5 Heathrow Airport, London UK – 43,000t
• Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham UK – 13,800t
• Rolls Royce, Derby UK – 2,400t
• Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham UK – 10,000t
• Olympic Media Centre, London UK – 5,000t

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We are committed to focussed steel fabrication capabilities and effiencies for the Australian and Pacific construction market.

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